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The Cafeteria Lady is on a mission from...Tums.


Well, not really. 


She has a mission to visit one school in each state in the union to see which state has the BEST cafeteria food. Students from all over the country have written in to ask Martha Bolton (writer of the Cafeteria Lady column) to visit their school cafeteria and sample the daily specials. 

At the end of the tour, Martha, and any paramedics who had to be consulted during the taste tests,

will determine which school has the tastiest, most edible, and best cafeteria food in America!  

Stay Tuned.

"I read your column every month and I have almost killed myself laughing many times! You really should put disclaimers on some of those!  Something along the lines of 'Warning! Do not read while drinking orange juice!"

-J. P., Canada

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